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Record Store Day

Imagine being part of a global event celebrating everything records, from the independent stores to records specifically pressed just for this event. That's what Record Store Day(RSD) embodies.

What is Record Store Day? 

Record Store Day is the special day for the Records, Vinyl and CDs. It is the day set aside to celebrate independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. It is annually started together by the fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world. Sounds really spectacular right? 


When is the Record Store Day this year?

Record Store Day was conceived in the year 2007. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, 2008. Our special day is held every year on one Saturday of April and on Black Friday in November. On this day, so many exclusive records and vinyl are released. Due to the present situation this year Record Store Day is placed on two dates 12th of June, 2021 and on 17th of July, 2021 worldwide. That's two days of celebration rather than one. 

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Where to get this year's RSD exclusive titles

You can get all your RSD titles from us Rock and Soul at our physical store at 10W 37th St, New York city, New York. Due to the present situation all around the world, safety is our top priority. We at your favorite DJ store have put in place precautions and have duly implemented all Covid guidelines at the store. We'll be allowing only a limited number of people into the store at a time. This is to help ensure the wellbeing of everyone so as to enjoy a hitch free celebration. 

If you are not comfortable coming to the store or unable to shop at the store, don’t worry, we've got you covered. Our special online store will be opened to let you make purchases directly to your doorstep. 

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Check out the full playlist here for all the RSD titles available at Rock and Soul -


What can you do on the Record Store Day?

  • Shop for our new collection of records here. New arrivals  
  • Fulfill your long-time hobby of becoming a DJ. Why dream it when you can actually live it? Hop on now and begin the journey. View details.
  • Gift your special ones a perfect gift on the Record Store Day Click here to view.
  • For deals and offers, please check here.
  • New arrivals in the Rock and Soul. Check out our online store


What are the new records this year ? 

Here are the new releases of records RSD drops 2021

  • Aglio E Olio, Beastie Boys, Capitol
  • The Final Note, The Allman Brothers Band, Allman Brothers Band Recording Company
  • Through the Mists of Time / Witch's Spell, AC/DC, Columbia Records
  • Living the Blues, Canned Heat, LMLR (French Import)

           Here's the complete list.

Facts about Record Store Day

Compared to previous year, music fans snapped up 102,000 albums and 33,000 singles on Record Store Day, up 50% from 2018. So many releases arriving in a single day of RSD, you wouldn't want to miss out. 

Here are the highest-rated records released on Record Store Day. 

  • Fleetwood Mac ‎– Rumours (2011)
  • Neil Young ‎– Official Release Series Discs 5-8 (2014) 
  • Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media ‎– Funky Stuff (2015) 
  • Fleetwood Mac ‎– Rumours (2011)
  • Miles Davis ‎– Kind Of Blue (2013) 

We wish you a happy RSD drop, have fun buying records. Wear a mask, follow the rules, Stay safe!

Here is the detailed post on how to store and display records.

Written by 

Manasa, Favour




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