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Wall of Fame

At Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records, we take pride in being the go-to destination for DJs of all levels. Our commitment to providing top-quality gear and a vast selection of vinyl has attracted some of the biggest names in the DJ world. We are honored to have these legends as part of our esteemed "Wall of Fame."

Our Wall of Fame showcases the DJs who have graced our store and trusted us to supply them with the equipment and vinyl they need to create unforgettable performances. These icons have recognized the exceptional quality and expertise that Rock and Soul offers, making us their preferred destination for all their DJing needs.

These renowned DJs have trusted Rock and Soul to provide them with the latest DJ equipment, including the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 2-Channel DJ Controller, known for its innovative features like Smart Fader and Smart CFX. Our commitment to offering cutting-edge technology ensures that DJs can stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional performances.

In addition to DJ equipment, our store is also a treasure trove of vinyl records. DJs from around the world visit us to find their favorite tracks and discover hidden gems. Our extensive collection includes a wide range of genres, ensuring that DJs can find the perfect vinyl to elevate their sets.

At Rock and Soul, we understand the importance of supporting the DJ community and nurturing the next generation of talent. That's why we offer unique items like raffle tickets, giving customers the opportunity to win amazing prizes while also contributing to the growth of the DJing industry.

Join us at Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records, where DJ legends have left their mark on our Wall of Fame. Experience the same exceptional service and quality that has made us the preferred destination for DJs worldwide.