Record Store Day Drop 1 2022

Record Store Day is an event held annually across the world. Inaugurated in 2007, RSD seeks to celebrate the culture of independently owned stores. Fans, artists, and independent record stores from around the world gather on Record Store Day to...

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 Record Store Day celebrates independent record stores by coordinating limited-edition vinyl releases and inspiring record culture festivities around the world. How did Record Store Day begin? In 2007, small record store owners and vinyl fans created Record Store Day to...

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dj read dance floor

Reading A Dance Floor: The Most Important DJ Skill

DJs require a variety of different skills, many of them technical. However, the most important skill every DJ must possess, regardless of their musical genre, venue, or purpose for DJing. A great DJ needs to have a skill of reading...

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Tips for Dancing to Electronic Music at Your Next Party

Option of DJ party is a great way to have some fun if you like to vibe on your favorite songs and dance and sing aloud fearlessly, it helps you relieve the stress and get yourself some time or time with your friends or partners, and have fun, but it is also necessary to make sure that it’s a safe and a happy DJ party.
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If you are planning or interested in Virtual DJ and you are looking for a good system or you already have a system and you want to check if it reaches the minimum requirements of Virtual DJ then in this article you will find all the minimum and recommended system requirements for PC\Windows as well as for Mac system.
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Your Beginners Guide to DJ equipment


DJing is an art and every artist needs tools. DJ equipment is in millions but which one do you need? Depending upon your use you can choose pretty good equipment which is affordable and allow you to have a good experience

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