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Hands-On DJ Classes & Private Lessons in NYC


Be Legendary, With Rock and Soul.

Whether you're just starting out, or you're an accomplished DJ looking to take your skills to the next level, Rock and Soul's NYC DJ school is the place to make it happen. We offer one-on-one private lessons, with curriculums tailor-made to every skill level and aspiration.



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Questions? Fill out our Class Inquiry Form or call 212-695-3953!


So why choose Rock and Soul?

    The best value anywhere.

    In addition to being affordably priced, Rock and Soul students get a 15% student discount on all DJ equipment, sound equipment and gear for the duration of your classes! If you're planning on buying equipment this can add up to significant savings and help offset the cost of our already affordable lessons.


    To Register:
    Call: 212-695-3953

    What's covered in class?

    We make sure you come away learning a lot. Here are some key lessons that our instructors cover (with a deeper focus on advanced techniques for intermediate and advanced classes):
    • Introduction to mixing
    • Sorting music (CDs, vinyl, MP3)
    • Bar counting
    • Club mixing basics
    • Working with DJ software
    • Using the mixer's features (faders, EQ, FX)
    • Using CDJ/turntable features (jog, cues, effects)
    • Mixing techniques
    • Scratching
    • Business tips / Getting gigs
    • And more!

    We offer beginners classes up to advanced classes, as well as specialized programs like advanced scratching, Ableton Live, DJ classes for kids, and more. Our instructors are highly experienced DJs and more importantly, they love to teach.

     We have one on one private classes on site, with social distancing protocol as well as virtual DJ classes from the comfort of your home.

    Online Classes from the comfort of your home! 

    Virtual classes are now available, one of our expert instructors will teach you how to maximize your equipment and learn new skills. If you do not have equipment at home, we offer discounts to all students who sign up for a class.


    Online classes Status
    Learn to DJ - Single Private class (Facetime/Skype) Open - Click to Enroll

    Learn to DJ from home - 6 Private online classes with instructor

    (1 hour each on FaceTime/Skype)

    Open - Click to Enroll

    Learn to DJ- Virtual class for Kids (Facetime/Skype) Open - Click to Enroll


    On-site Classes. (In-Person)


    Start Date Weekday Time Class All Session Dates Status
    You decide! Ableton private classes 5 Private Class Sessions Open - Click to Enroll
    You decide! Mon-Sat Your Schedule Private Lessons Single and Multi-Class
    Packages Available
    Open - Click to Enroll

    DJ Classes for Kids.


    Start Date Weekday Time Class All Session Dates Status


    Note - All the classes must be booked in advance. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy. We try to keep our classes small and affordable. If you register for a class and for some reason, not able to attend it, your spot will still be reserved and cannot be refunded, re-scheduled or transferred to other namePlease note, class bundles need to be used within 6 months

    What students are saying...

    "If you're looking for teachers that truly care about each students progress, come to this class."
    - Johnny W.

    "Great! I have been DJing for 20 years and I still learned more. There were five of us in the class and we all got individual attention."
    - Franklyn P.
    "Great class. Friendly, hands on, detail oriented."
    - Kenny S.
    "Knowledgeable, EXPERT instructors in a professional setting!!! Instructors were really friendly and helped me improve my DJ skills."
    - Davy J
    "Great experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself a lot. Chen was awesome. Really good guy who clearly wanted us to get good."
    - Alex A.
    "Awesome. The lessons were great. The practicals were very helpful. Hands on instructions were real."
    - DJ E Love
    "The best experience I had. I learned a lot of new things..."
    - Usiel Reyes
    To Register:
    Call: 212-695-3953