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Record Store Day Drop 1 2021

Record Store Day 2021 Drop 1 imageRECORD STORE DAY DROP 1 2021
Record Store Day is an event held annually across the world. Inaugurated in 2007, RSD seeks to celebrate the culture of independently owned stores. RSD is a day when fans, artists and a whole lot of independent record stores from all over the world gather to celebrate everything records. 
Record store day is usually held on one Saturday in April and on Black Friday in November. This year's RSD is scheduled to be celebrated twice, Drop 1 and 2. Drop 1 was slated for the 12th of June and Drop 2 on the 17th of July. 
How did the Record Store Day Drop 1 2021 go? 
The just concluded RSD Drop 1 was a success. According to Billboard and MRC, the number of vinyl album sales stood at 1.545 million, this is the first ever week of independent record sales and also the second-highest since MRC began tracking sales. Although CDs and analog cassettes were released, vinyl records were the biggest sellers on RSD Drop 1. Just under 250 exclusive titles out of a possible 420 have been made available. 
The RSD Drop 1 was held at our store, Rock and Soul on 10W 37th st, New York city, New York as well as thousands of other record stores around the globe. For those that couldn't come physically to the store or shop at the store, our online store was made available to them. People turned up in their numbers to celebrate and pick up their RSD exclusive titles at the store. Due to the pandemic, only a little number of people were allowed into the store at a time and also, other covid guidelines were duly adhered to and enforced as outlined in the events feed to provide visitors with a safe environment. For more information on how RSD was celebrated at our store, click here
How Did Record Stay Day DROP 1 2021 Fare Against Last Year's? 
Unlike last year where RSD was mostly an online event due to the pandemic and lockdown, Drop 1 had people return to shopping physically and boy did they turn up according to data from MRC. This year's RSD was a contrast to last year's as there were more people coming physically to the store. 
The next RSD which will be the Drop 2 is scheduled to hold on the 17th of July, 2021 and just like we've always been doing, we will be celebrating as well. Exclusive records will be made available at both our physical and online store. 
RSD Drop 1 was a success, hopefully Drop 2 will be even bigger. 
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