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Hercules DJControl Starlight with Serato DJ Lite

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Original price $99.99
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Hercules DJControl Starlight is an ultra-portable USB DJ control surface designed to work with the included Serato DJ Lite software and is well suited for beginner DJs, home enthusiasts, or professional DJs on the go. The Starlight offers exclusive modes that work with Serato DJ Lite or Serato DJ Pro and offer all the key features required for learning to mix and scratch.

Product Highlights:

  • Audio Interface: Main + Headphone Output,
  • Two Jog Wheels,
  • Four Pads per Deck (Four Pad Modes),
  • Pad Modes: Hot-Cue, Loop, FX, & Sampler,
  • Bass EQ/Filter Knob per Deck,
  • Serato DJ Controlled Visual Feedback,
  • RGB Strobe Effect Back-Lighting,
  • Windows & Mac Compatible,
  • Serato DJ Lite Software Included.

Two touch-responsive jog wheels allow for cueing and beat matching of their respective tracks, while the on-board crossfader and two volume knobs seamlessly mix the two tracks together. Each deck features a bass-EQ/filter that allows you to enhance the sound, while the available on-board Serato effects sweeten the mix. The controller is USB bus powered and equipped with four pads, each operating in four modes (hot-cue, loop, FX, & sampler) per deck. Additionally, the controller includes a built-in 24-bit / 44.1 kHz audio interface with separate master and headphone outputs. The DJControl Starlight ships with a USB cable.

Ultra-Portable Design
  • Ideal for transporting
  • Ergonomics that adapt perfectly to your laptop
  • Concentrated Djing: All the essential functionality in an ultra-portable design
Two-Deck DJ Controller
  • Built-In Audio:
    • Master output (speakers) + headphones output
  • Controls Per Deck:
    • Jog wheel with touch detection; control pause/play by releasing your touch
    • Pads: 4 pads and 4 modes (hot-cue, loop, FX, sampler)
    • Tempo (pitch) fader
  • Mixer Controls:
    • Bass EQ/filter knobs + deck volume knobs
    • Crossfader: Mix between the two decks
    • Master volume knob and deck monitoring selection buttons (decks 1/2)
Serato DJ Lite Software
  • Two exclusive modes for a better understanding of the 4-beat bar and how to count the beats in a song:
    • Beat 1 Program: LEDs light up red with the first beat of the main track and blue with the following beats, turning off between each beat
    • Beat 2 Program: LEDs light up in red with the first beat of the main song and blue with the following beats, without turning off
  • A volume-synced mode:
    • Master Volume Program: LEDs light up in white (strobe effect) and their intensity varies with the volume
  • Two modes to cue and navigate within the tracks:
    • Waveform Color Program: Two LEDs per turntable mimic the waveform colors of the respective tracks
    • Cue Point Color Program: Two LEDs per turntable light up gradually depending on the color of the upcoming Cue Point