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Yuransen - My Revolution - Vinyl LP = RSD2023

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The long-awaited LP version of Yuransen's 2nd album ''MY REVOLUTION'', which was released in May last year and became a hot topic! The long-awaited LP of Yuransen's 2nd album ''MY REVOLUTION'' released in May 2022.
The 1st album LP was released on RSD in 2021 with a limited run of 300 copies and sold out quickly.
The 2nd album released this time became a hot topic in various fields, such as ''Parachute'' being selected for J-WAVE SONAR TRAX at the time of CD release, and the album being selected for TOKYO FM ''RADIO DRAGON -NEXT-'' Monthly Disc. Based on folky and strange good melodies, this album is a highly addictive album that shines with a variety of arranged band sounds. Their characteristic beautiful piano melodies and keyboard arrangements that show various expressions leave a one-of-a-kind scenery that is comfortable yet somehow strange. If you unravel the roots of the sound, there are many to list, from current indie rock to good old folk rock, city pop and 70's alternative. These seemingly disjointed sounds condensed into the album are made into a single story by Itaru Uchimura's vocals and lyrics, which are emotional and invite you to some other world.
In addition, Takuma Motomura, a bassist who is also active in the Kaneko Ayano Band, worked on the mix for 3 songs in this work, making it a work that faces their own music.