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Walking Manhattan Sideways (Rock & Soul Featured) Book

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Since 2011, Betsy Bober Polivy has been walking the side streets of Manhattan’s original grid and documenting her journey through her website Manhattan Sideways ( She has watched cherished shops struggle with rising rent prices and, most recently, suffer at the hands of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. In Walking Manhattan Sideways, she celebrates those who have managed to hold on, but also pays a heartfelt tribute to the shops, restaurants, and bars that have permanently closed their doors following this incredibly difficult historic moment. 


Betsy has collected a wealth of captivating stories and phenomenal, eye-catching photographs to showcase quintessential businesses that have survived over the course of many decades. While some are beloved and well-known establishments that continue to garner recognition, the book primarily shines a light on the astounding number of places that perennially fly under the radar. 


Walking Manhattan Sideways is not meant to be a travel guide, but its treasure trove of stories will spark the adventurer in all of us to explore Manhattan’s side streets. The writing in each chapter is peppered with quotes that capture the essence and charm of the unique cast of characters who run local businesses. The accompanying photos will seduce readers and underscore the beauty of often-overlooked places — from florists to tailors to hardware stores — that have unexpected, rich histories.