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Various Artists - Wick Records Presents Battle of the Bands Vol. 1 [LP] (Black Swirl Vinyl, limited to 800, indie advance exclusive)

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Exclusive to RSD 2020, Wick Records is pleased to bring you a collection of wigged-out winners sure to rock you deep into the inter-dimensional fray... Dig on track after track of superior sounds: The fuzz-fueled freak-outs of The Mystery Lights, and Mark Sultan; the swirling, mind-altering melodies of Michael Rault; the troglodytic tune-smithery of The Ar-Kaics; the anglophilic grooves of Benny Trokan, and The Fame-Beats; the Link Wray inspired madness of the Buzz Brothers; the soul-tinged savagery of The Jay Vons; as well a track from psychedelic newcomers, Steady Sun, and a reissued jem from Ohio Teen-Beat legends, Johnny's Uncalled Four. Featuring two unreleased tracks, and several making their long-player debut. This is one helluva compilation, folks. Don't sleep on it - Wick is watching!
1: Michael Rault ''I'll Be There''
2: The Ar-Kaics ''She's Obsessed with Herself''
3: The Mystery Lights ''What Happen When you Turn the Devil Down''
4: Mark Sultan ''Let Me Out'' (FIRST TIME ON LP)
5: The Mystery Lights ''Someone Else Is In Control''
6: Steady Sun ''Truth is a Needle'' (UNRELEASED)

1: Benny Trokan ''Get it in the End'' (UNRELEASED)
2: The Ar-Kaics ''Just My Life'' (FIRST TIME ON LP)
3: Fame-Beats ''Watford Stomp'' (FIRST TIME ON LP)
4: T. Benny and the Buzz Brothers ''Gimme a Buzz'' (FIRST TIME ON LP)
5: Michael Rault ''Sitting Still''
6: The Jay Vons ''Did You See Her''
7: Johnny's Uncalled Four ''Daydream'' (FIRST TIME ON LP)