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V-MODA S-80 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones and Personal Speaker System (Rose Gold)

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We understand that everyone listens to music differently, so why not create a headphone that gives the user full control over all its features? Thankfully, V-Moda is one step ahead with their S-80 line of personal headphones. These Bluetooth 'phones offer total EQ control with the help of V-Moda's mobile app, offering you a personalized balance of low-, mid-, and high-end frequencies. You can even share this experience with friends, using the S-80’s convenient speaker mode, which is also available for full EQ adjustment. With a sturdy metal frame and customizable parts, you’ll also get a custom headphone look to match your perfect sound.

Contrary to most headphones, the S-80 is designed for more than just yourself. By twisting the ear cups outward, you’ll get a high-quality personal speaker experience to share with friends, or to simply get a louder output. Best of all, the S-80’s internal electronics automatically adjust the EQ when switching between modes, giving you the perfect sound for whatever listening situation you find yourself in.


  • All-wireless and Bluetooth compatible
  • Adjustable ear cups for a personal speaker experience
  • AI EQ adjustment
  • Mobile editor app allows for user EQ adjustment
  • 20-hour playback battery life
  • 20–20,000Hz frequency response
  • Interchangeable magnetic shields
  • Sleek, compact profile
  • Qualcomm aptX HD, AAC, SBC codec
  • 40mm diaphragm driver unit