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Tres Vampires - Tres Vampires [12''] (Blood Red Vinyl, download, limited to 950, indie exclusive)

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Tres Vampires is a trio of darkly romantic, timeless, otherworldly passion ballads the likes of which are only heard every 1000 years, or when the vampires rise. If you're listening. David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets), rarely seen in the daytime, and Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) collaborate as the duet of your darkest dreams on these dusty 2009 recordings, unearthed from an old crypt in the French Quarter used for storage of various rarities and artifacts. These familiar voices are already Halloween staples wherever vampires are known to congregate, so these 3 'lost' tracks are sure to become new - yet oddly old and familiar - Goth classics. Additional recording & instrumentation performed by Los Angeles DJ Shok (Red Light District) aka New Blood. Limited edition blood red vinyl, download card included
1. Take You Deep 2. Blood Bound 3. Voyage Of The Damned