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Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Live 2020 [LP] (Yellow Vinyl)

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The 2020 vinyl debut of the classic live 2002 recording
Live at The Clubhouse. The new LP features 7 tracks from that
performance along with a bonus re-mix from Money Mark on
the timeless smash hit ''Genius of Love''. Pressed on yellow
colored vinyl with new artwork created by Chris and Tina.
Album cover features vintage street shot of Tina with hip-hop
pioneer Grandmaster Flash. The set is released exclusively for
Record Store Day 2020 in conjunction with the autobiography
of band leader Chris Frantz's book ''Remain in Love'' on May 12
from St. Martin's Press.
Sales and Marketing Points
* Vinyl debut of these live recordings
* Limited edition pressed on yellow colored vinyl
* Features 7 re-mastered live tracks with bonus remix from
Money Mark of the classic ''Genius of Love''
* Features new artwork and photos compiled by band leaders
Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth
* Chris Frantz autobiography ''Remain in Love'' released
through St. Martin's Press on May 12
* Album to be co-promoted with St. Martin's Press in conjunction
of both releases

Side A: 1. Genuis Of Love 2. Wordy Rappinghood 3. As Above So Below 4. Punk Lolita Side B: 1. Time To Bounce 2. Who Feelin' It 3. Suboceana 4. Genius Of Love (Money Mark Remix)