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Technics SL1500C Direct Drive Turntable (Silver)

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”A beautifully made, fuss-free record player.” ’What Hi-Fi?’ 2019 award-winner.

The best of Technics’ studio and club turntables – at home

Based on the legendary Technics SL1210, the SL1500C takes all the sophisticated drive mechanism but leaves the unnecessary DJ components for a high performance, home turntable. Discarding the pitch control, cue and strobe lights not only gives a cleaner style but also improves the sound quality through less complexity. A built-in phonostage, domestic cartridge and semi-auto operation make it more suitable for home use.

High torque, direct drive
When it comes to pitch stability and sonic precision, what’s good for the club and studio is equally good for the home. This is why Technics has used a version of its high torque, direct drive system for the SL1500C.

Improved, coreless motor for pitch-perfect sound
Based on technology from Technics’ reference SL1200 models, the SL1500C uses an all-new motor design with coreless tech. This results in the elimination of ‘cogging’ which can afflict other direct drive turntables. Cogging is an instability in the running speed, which gives inconsistent pitch. With the SL1500C, you get absolute pitch stability for a true and lifelike sound.

Solid design for low levels of distortion
Just like the Technics SL1210 and SL1200 turntables, the SL1500C is built to a high standard. The rigid, die-cast aluminium chassis uses a hybrid construction for superior resistance to vibration. Isolating feet and a damped platter further reduce resonance, meaning you hear more of the music’s fine detail and less distortion.

Classic tonearm
The SL1500C’s tonearm is a classic S-shape design that tracks precisely and is easy to handle. It also offers a wide range of adjustments, including VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle), weight and bias, making it ideal for a huge range of different cartridges. The detachable headshell makes swapping cartridges a quick and simple process.

Built-in phono stage
Featuring a built-in phonostage, the SL1500C can be used with a much wider range of hi-fi and powered speakers. So long as your system has an AUX socket, the SL1500C simply plugs in and plays. If you prefer to use your own phonostage, then simply hook up to the standard phono RCA outputs instead. For a high quality connection, all RCA phono sockets are gold-plated.

Semi-auto operation
Unlike in the club or studio, you can’t be expected to stand attentively at your turntable at all times. So you can relax when listening to music at home, the SL1500C features an auto arm-lift. At the end of the record, the arm lifts automatically, protecting your stylus and also the speakers from distortion. If you’d prefer not to have this facility, it can be switched off.

Supplied with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
Priced at around $200 in its own right, the Ortofon 2M Red is a great quality starter cartridge. With smooth, precise sound, it’s the perfect match for the Technics turntable. The 2M is also upgradable, with a range of higher quality styli (Blue, Bronze and Black) that can be slid on for an instant upgrade in sound, when funds allow.

Enjoy studio quality sound, at home, with the Technics SL1500C.