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Technics SL-1210GR2-K Direct-Drive Turntable System - Black

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Technics introduces the next generation of Direct Drive Turntables with a revolutionary new drive control method for smooth, accurate rotational stability and a new power supply for an exceptionally low noise floor. This new model was planned to build on the reputation of our existing design and developed the new GR2 around the iconic iron-coreless direct drive motor with its superior rotational precision. Technics looked at how they have improved signal precision in our digital audio components, especially at the Reference amplifier SU-R1000, which optimizes vinyl analogue signals using complex digital technology. It’s been our goal to take our direct drive technology and take it to the next level in terms of precision. This was achievable by reducing motor vibration through optimizing the driving sine waves via the PWM signal generation using ΔΣ (Delta Sigma) Modulation, as employed in our full-digital amplifiers.

The motor control signal for the new SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 is a huge leap in performance in comparison with earlier versions. Looking back to the 1970s, the motor control sine wave signal was generated by an analogue RF oscillator, the precision of which left room for smoother rotation. After the revival of the Technics SL-1200 turntable in 2016, the new SL-1200GAE - along with the much-improved motor by an iron-coreless stator - inherited a new motor control based on PWM for D/A conversion, using a micro controller including a sine-wave ROM. This added remarkable impact on the whole rotational precision and helped achieving lower motor vibrations. However, despite this approach, the sine wave for motor control was still not 100% accurate. In combination with the rotation feedback system based on speed detection by the usage of a frequency generator (FG) which works on magnetic power generation, the rotational speed precision of the new GR2 type is exceptional. Along with the motor control, the general power supply has also been the focus of engineering. The new Multi-stage Silent Power Supply of the SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 is a combination of a low-noise, high-speed power supply working at over 100kHz and a noise canceling circuit inherited from our reference class turntable SL-1000R, cancelling remaining noise by injecting the reversed-phase current of the actual noise. By this method, a very low noise floor is achieved, enabling exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, improving the overall signal performance.

Technics SL-1210GR2-K Direct-Drive Turntable System Features:

  • Newly developed motor drive circuit to achieve high precision, stable rotation and high reliability of the coreless direct drive motor.
  • This new ΔΣ (delta sigma) motor drive thoroughly removes minute vibration caused by the motor and further reduces the transmission of vibration to the stylus tip on the record.
  • Newly designed low-noise power supply to thoroughly remove external noise.
  • This new switching power supply utilizes proven technology from our Grand Class amplifiers and digital players and the noise removal circuit has been adopted from the Reference Class
  • SL-1000R turntable to achieve enhanced motor drive accuracy.
  • The overall design has been gently refined with new color cues of certain parts and elements as well as the new body surface touch quality to add even higher desirability to the new GR2s.
  • To reduce environmental impact of their packaging while ensuring that Technics products are fully protected throughout their journey to our consumers, the new packaging for 1200GR2/1210GR2 is free of Expanded PolyStyrene(EPS).
  • Instead, it is made of smart shaped cardboard, maintaining safe protection of the product and includes a cardboard box for the accessories, allowing ease of removal and storage.
  • Technics now supplies a 3 mm die-cast aluminum cartridge spacer to ensure greater cartridge compatibility compared to the SL-1200GR.