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Technical Pro Party 18 Colored LED Strobe Light

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Strobe lights create great lighting effects for stage and disco lighting. They flash very bright light, creating a rhythmic effect that makes it look as though dancers are making jerky movements, to look like robots. In fact, the rapid periodic cutting off of light that means part of people's dance moves occur in complete darkness.

Traditional strobe lights flash white light, which creates a strong contrast with absolute darkness. The STRB18C light is different – it is made up of colored lights. The unit has an array of 18 LED bulbs, which include 6 lights colored red, 6 green, and 6 blue lights. This creates an exciting atmosphere by combining the strobe effect with pleasing colors in the traditional disco light spectrum.

LED lights use a lot less power than standard light bulb. This unit only requires 15 Watts, which is a lot less than any one of the bulbs in your home. This means that the lights are efficient and environmentally friendly. LED lights last longer than traditional light bulbs. Again, that's good for your budget and good for the environment. This unit can work for 50,000 hours before it needs any maintenance. Fewer bulb replacements means less problematic refuse for the municipal dump to process.