Technical Pro MKPF2 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter (Black)

by Technical Pro

Technical Pro MKPF21 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter (Black)

The blackÌâåÊMKPF2 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop FilterÌâåÊfromÌâåÊTechnical ProÌâåÊensures a professional vocal recording by filtering out sibilance and pops that are produced by the human voice when recorded directly into a microphone. The MKPF1 includes a universal mounting clamp which is compatible with any existing microphone or boom stand, and has a flexible 10" gooseneck which allows it to work with any microphone.

Includes a flexible gooseneck holder and a swivel mount for smooth, precise positioning
Pop filter for vocal microphones
Stops plosives and keeps your microphone clean
Swivel mount for easy positioning
Flexible 10" gooseneck holder

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