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Technical Pro MBW5000 Wireless Bluetooth Studio Monitor Speaker (Pair)

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Listen to music from a variety of sources with this pair of MBW5000 Wireless Bluetooth Studio Monitor Speakers from Technical Pro. This standalone system has one primary speaker with Bluetooth 2.0 receiving capabilities as well as inputs for XLR, RCA, USB, and 3.5mm AUX.

The secondary speaker connects via Bluetooth as well, enabling you to set up the speakers up to 115' away from each other without a cable connecting the two. Up to 100 secondary speakers can be connected to a single primary speaker. Bass, volume, and treble controls on the primary speaker, and an independent volume control on the secondary unit, enable fine-tuning of your sound.

Both units reproduce sound from 40 Hz to 20 kHz with up to 500W of power through 1" tweeters and 5" woofers. RCA outputs on the primary speaker let you connect to additional devices. A remote control is included.