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Technical Pro Battery Powered Boombox BOOMBLUE2U

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The BOOMBLUE2 has a built-in lithium battery which means you can take it anywhere. No electrical outlet, no problem. Additionally, the BOOMBLUE2's compact design and lightweight make it even more attractive to just grab it and go. Although relatively small in size when it comes to audio inputs the BOOMBLUE2 is like a Swiss Army Knife. With a USB Flash Drive input, SD Card input, and 1/8" AUX input the BOOMBLUE2 can accept an audio signal from almost any device you can throw at it. That's why we recommend always having a BOOMBLUE2 not too far away. Because all it takes is a BOOMBLUE2 along with a couple of killer audio tracks from virtually any audio device to turn any room into a club atmosphere. The BOOMBLUE2 battery will typically power the unit for a few hours depending on the usage. The BOOMBLUE2 also includes a manual FM tuner and its included solar panel allows for the countless hours of music while you travel, hike, or are just enjoying yourselves outside.


  • Lightweight & Compact Design Make it the Perfect On-The-Go Speaker
  • Solar Panel allows for quick recharging anywhere you can see the sun so you're never out of power
  • Inputs: Bluetooth USB Flash Drive / SD CARD, 1/8'' (MP3)
  • AM / FM Manual Tuner
  • USB flash drive, SD Card, maximum size: 32GB
  • Plays .mp3 files
  • Tuner or 1/8(MP3)
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Next, Previous Track, Play/Pause Controls
  • Record, play and delete undesired tracks
  • Repeat track, repeat all tracks selector
  • Bluetooth compatibility allows for wireless connection to any A2DP stereo Bluetooth device
  • Bluetooth Range: 30 Feet
  • 6 pre-set equalization modes
  • 4 Built-in woofers
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Remote Control included
  • Runs on rechargeable lithium battery or 4-D Batteries