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Sublime - Roots Of Sublime [2LP] (pairing up original Sublime recording on side A with the original inspiration behind the band's recording on side B, limited to 3000, indie advance-exclusive)

by Geffen
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A band of Long Beach rag-tag punks created a revolutionary blend of music that brought together a community of reggae, tattooed-punks, Rastafarians, surfers, Chicanos, hip-hoppers and others to define an entire era and lifestyle that lives on now more than ever. This collection celebrates the musical heroes and influences that inspired Sublime by pairing up their version with the original musical recording. RESPECT YOUR ROOTS.


SUBLIME - ''Foolish Fool''

DEE DEE WARWICK - ''Foolish Fool''

SUBLIME - ''Pawn Shop''

WAILING SOULS - ''War Deh Round A John Shop''


SUBLIME - ''Rivers of Babylon''

MELODIANS - ''Rivers of Babylon''

SUBLIME - ''I Love My Dog''

BAD BRAINS - ''I Luv I Jah''