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Stanton MP4 Groovemaster V3 Cartridges

SKU Groovemaster
Original price $279.00 - Original price $279.00
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$279.00 - $279.00
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  • Professional, High-End Club Integrated Cartridges
  • Spherical Stylus For Enhanced Groove Tracing
  • 4-Coil Pickup Increases Stereo Imaging While Providing High Output
  • Perfect For Club Djs, Producers, Remixers & Night Clubs
  • Includes 2 Matched Cartridges, Mounted On Tone-Arm Like Devices, Inside A Small & Practical Road-Worthy Clear "Flight-Case"
  • Professional, high-end club integrated cartridges

    Note - The packaging is unfinished, and these are brand new units.