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Soul Asylum - Hurry Up And Wait (Deluxe Version) [2LP+7''] (180 Gram, gatefold, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)

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According to vocalist/guitarist Dave Pirner, making Soul Asylum's
twelfth studio full-length, Hurry Up And Wait, was a completely
seamless, enjoyable and productive experience. Co-produced with
John Fields - and recorded at Minneapolis' Nicollet Studios, the same
place where the celebrated rock band recorded seminal early albums
released on Twin/Tone Records - the album reflects Soul Asylum's
usual eclectic approach.
Lyrically, the songs dive into topics such as grappling with emotional
and geographic disconnection, navigating romantic ebbs and flows, and
the power of embracing optimism despite it all. Sonically, Hurry Up And
Wait features thrashing songs indebted to punk (''Hopped Up Feelin''')
and classic rock (''Got It Pretty Good''), folk-influenced pop-rock (''Silly Things''), and gorgeous janglepop (lead single ''If I Told You'').
Soul Asylum initially formed in the early '80s under the name Loud Fast Rules when vocalist/guitarist
Dave Pirner was still in high school, cutting their teeth as part of the celebrated Minneapolis local
music scene. The band entered the major-label mainstream with 1988's Hang Time and its 1990
follow-up, And the Horse They Rode In On, before achieving a commercial breakthrough with 1992's
triple platinum Grave Dancers Union. That album spawned several international hits, including
''Runaway Train,'' which won a Grammy Award® for Best Rock Song, and ''Black Gold,'' and made
Soul Asylum alternative radio and MTV staples. In the ensuing decades, the band - which also
includes drummer Michael Bland, lead guitarist Ryan Smith and bassist Winston Roye - has released
a steady stream of albums.

* 180 Gram Vinyl / Double LP
with Bonus 7 Inch
* Bonus 7 Inch includes a studio
version of live staple ''Rhinestone
Cowboy'' and an acoustic version of
their fan favorite ''We 3''
* Gatefold packaging
* Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award®
winning rock band
* Extensive online marketing /
advertising campaign for Record
Store Day release.
* AAA radio campaign via
Tazmoe Music
* Full US publicity campaign via
Mad Ink-PR

The Beginning/IF I Told You/Got IT Pretty Good/Rhinestone Cowboy/Make Her Laugh/Busy Signals/Social Butterfly/We 3/Dead Letter/Landmines/Here We Go/Freeezer Burn/Silent Treatment/Hopped Up Feelin'/Silly Things