Serato X Thud Rumble Weapons of Wax #4 - Buzz

by Serato

What do you get when you combine Thud Rumble'sĀ DJ tools and loops with Serato'sĀ NoiseMapā„¢ Control Tone?Ā 

What you get are theĀ Weapons of Wax.

"Buzz" is the 4th and last vinyl in thisĀ Serato X Thud Rumble series.Ā This series gives you two ways to hit the decks. On one side, you'll find Thud Rumble's battle tools and loops, ready to unleash at the peak of your set. On the other side, you have the Serato control tone for mixing your digital tracks. This vinyl stands up to serious abuse too, so scratch away!Ā 

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