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Serato X Sacred Geometry 3 - The Seed of Life 2 x 12 Inch Control Vinyl

by Serato
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Continuing the journey of visual explorations in the world of Sacred Geometry, we zoom in once again. The
cover for our third geometric representation is The Seed of Life.
The Seed of Life is a stage before the shape known as the “Flower of Life”, which produces the "Fruit of Life".
Just like when a seed grows into a tree, sound emerges into a song when conditions are optimal. From nothing,
comes the vibrations of nature, comes the tones and semitones of music, comes song. From the void, suddenly
emerges a spark that induces creativity. Sometimes one sound, a single music note, it's all it takes to trigger an
idea and incubate something bigger.
Following our previous release in this series the vinyl is custom made out of a novel compound with rippling
white and blue textures emerging from the centre, all pressed within a standard Serato weight 12” disc, able to
perform to the highest of standards and demands. The vinyl is housed in a precision laser-cut sleeve in luxe
matte black stock.