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Sennheiser IE 500 PRO In-Ear Headphones (Clear) (Open Box)

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The clear Sennheiser IE 500 PRO dynamic, in-ear headphones for wireless monitoring systems offer musicians, DJs, and sound engineers a rich listening experience with clear, studio-like accuracy, when performing in loud stage environments. With a secure, comfortable fit rivaling custom-molded models for isolation, the IE 500 PRO shields the user from crushing stage volumes and poor room acoustics to deliver punchy sound with an ultra-wide frequency response and enhanced presence in the midrange.

Made to exacting specifications at Sennheiser's German factory, the clear IE 500 PRO features elegant, low-profile housings that are built to survive the rigors of live gigging, while providing a secure, comfortable fit so you can wear them for hours without fatigue. With the IE 500 PRO monitors you can forget you're even wearing in-ears and feel more connected with your music and the audience, allowing you to perform at your best.

Reinvented Single Dynamic Driver

  • The IE 500 PRO's SYS 7 driver system withTrueResponse technology features a 7mm single driver that delivers natural and differentiated sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum, eliminating distortion, overlapping frequencies, and feedback peaks associated with multiple drivers.
  • Even at very high sound pressure levels up to 126 dB, the IE 500 PRO reproduces a completely natural, clear, and spacious soundstage with a total harmonic distortion (THD) under 0.08% and a 6 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for extended low end.
  • The added presence from 1 to 2.5 kHz gives the IE 500 PRO a much more direct sound, opening up a wide and deep soundstage that allows artists to localize themselves in the mix more easily.

Safe Monitoring, Less Fatigue

  • To protect users against ear damage caused by excessive stage sound levels, the IE 500 PRO reduces ambient sound by up to 26 dB. This is achieved by a choice of included ear adapters (S, M, L) made from memory foam, which expands to perfectly fit your ear canal, ensuring perfect acoustic sealing with the added benefit of enhanced bass reproduction.
  • The TrueResponse driver system delivers precise and detailed sound so you don't have to turn up the level to hear yourself clearly in the mix, keeping your hearing safe even during long periods of use.

Long-Wearing Comfort

  • The IE 500 PRO's miniature design permits a lightweight, ultra-compact construction which, thanks to the accompanying silicone and memory foam adapters, can be individually adjusted to fit you perfectly.
  • The earphones’ sound tunnel has two rest positions to precisely adjust the ear adapters to the depth and structure of your ear canal.
  • This results in a secure and comfortable fit that comes very close to custom-made ear molds, ensuring that the IE 500 PRO remains secure and comfortable for hours on end.

Reliable, Stage-Proof Cable

  • The headphones come with a 4.27' detachable, clear, twisted-pair cable that features reinforced ear hooks.
  • The impressive audio performance of the IE 500 PRO is complemented by an innovative mechanical design, which includes a proprietary cable ducting with the connection instide the ear-mold, reducing the risk of cable breaks.
  • The cable's sturdy anti-kink sleeve sits directly on the ear mold, protecting the IE 500 PRO against the wear and tear that occurs during heavy use.
  • Additionally, the twisted-pair design provides optimized resistance to structure-borne noise for an even cleaner sound at very high volumes. 
  • For easy distinction, the right ear mold has a red ring at its cable connection.

IE 500 PRO vs IE 400 PRO

  • The IE 500 PRO delivers a few extra dBs of sound pressure level—which can be crucial on loud stages and in clubs.
  • Compared to the IE 400 PRO, the IE 500 PRO offers more presence in the midrange and a slightly wider frequency response.
  • The cable on the IE 500 PRO features a twisted-pair design for increased resistance to structure-borne noise.
  • Recommended applications for the IE 500: medium to heavy/loud musical genres, including rock, pop, heavy metal, EDM, and more.