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Serato Sacred Geometry: Origin: Control Vinyl (Pair)

by Serato
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Sacred Geometry is an exploration into existence as expressed through geometric shapes. A visual representation of
the origins of life, the universe and our world. It all starts with a circle, the most perfect shape known to mankind: from
it, life emerges. The sun, the moon, planets, circles are everywhere in the natural world, same for Serato, DJ's, the
vinyl, a simple circle has become a fundamental tool in the control, creation and expression of our art.
The 'Flower of Life' symbol representation on the center labels, is believed to represent the cycle of creation. It depicts
how all life comes from one singular source, in this case a vinyl made out of a novel compound with shimmering
iridescent solar flares/eruptions like textures, all pressed within a standard Serato weight 12‰۝ disc, able to perform to
the highest of standards and demands. The vinyl is housed in precision laser-cut sleeve in luxe matte black stock.