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Reloop AMS-MIXTOUR All-In-One DJ Controller

by Reloop
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Key Features of the Reloop AMS-MIXTOUR All-In-One DJ Controller:

  • The only portable mix controller that supports PC/Mac, iOS & Android apps,
  • Ready-2-Mix' hardware with audio interface and all necessary mixing controls,
  • Channel strip with club mixer design - full-size control knobs, 45mm Pro-Faders, 3-band EQ, gain trim pots, bipolar filters and VU meter,
  • 8 multi-color performance pads with various modes,
  • Mix millions of tracks instantly with djay and Spotify integration.

Reloop MIXTOUR is a compact, two-channel DJ controller that allows you to get the party started anywhere, anytime. Through close cooperation with Algoriddim, Reloop has developed a fully-integrated device that fuses vital mixer functions with a transport and remix section. Whether you're using iOS, Android, PC or Mac - with Reloop MIXTOUR, everything is possible. MIXTOUR's pad section comes packed with functions. The transport mode includes Play, Cue, Sync and Auto-Loop controls. In Cue mode it is possible to set, store and trigger up to 4 cue points. By entering shift mode, you can also set grids or change loop lengths with the same controls. The rubberized trigger pads used for the transport controls are not only highly tactile, but they're also lit by two-color LEDs, indicating which mode is active so you're never confused in the mix. The strong, durable, full-size control knobs and 45mm Pro-Faders are set out in the same way as a class-leading club mixer. The three-band EQ, gain trim pots, bipolar filters and VU meter ensure you have everything you need to perform. All controls have been rigorously tested to ensure a high-quality performance every time you play, and the whole MIXTOUR carries with it a sense of solidity and reliability. The unique Reloop Trax-Encoder not only catches the eye, it also gives convenient and comfortable control over your music library. An amazing club-ready sound with low latency and low-noise playback best describe the integrated interface. Reloop MIXTOUR is fully MIDI-mappable; any MIDI-capable software, like Traktor or Virtual DJ, can be easily controlled. Mix more than 20 million tracks with Spotify & DJAY 2. Spotify and DJAY2 takes away the need for you to store huge music libraries on your device. Spotify is also equipped with an innovative Match & Mix system which analyzes each track's genre, BPM and pitch, and is able to suggest the next track for your mix.