Rane Twelve MKII DJ Controller and Seventy Mixer with ProX Flight Cases Package (Black)

by Rane
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Rane Twelve DJ Controller and Seventy Mixer with ProX Flight Cases Package (Black):


Rock and Soul NYC knows Rane, we've been a loyal supporter of their brand since its inception and our customers rave about the build quality, performance and constant innovation. If you're shopping online to buy a Rane Twelve setup, you have come to the right place as we have put together this great package bundle that includes (2) Rane Twelve MK2s, (1) Rane Seventy Battle Mixer, plus ProX ATA rated flight cases in all black, XLR cables and an exclusive Rock and Soul NYC tote bag to carry anything from Serato Vinyl to headphones and more!

Rane Twelve Key Features:

  • DVS/USB MIDI Control for Serato DJ Pro, Traktor, and Virtual DJĀ 
  • OLED Screen, Control Selection & BPM displayĀ 
  • Navigation control: Scroll/Load, Back & Instant DoublesĀ 
  • New plunger-style Start/Stop buttonĀ 
  • Full 12ā€ motorized platter to control playbackĀ 
  • Traditional, familiar turntable layoutĀ 
  • OLED screen display (BPM Display / Control Status)Ā 
  • Dual Mode Strip: Track Search and 8 Hot Cue triggersĀ 
  • 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor with Hi/Low torque adjust for more traditional setupsĀ 
  • 4 decks of control so you can use one, two or moreĀ 
  • Extreme precisionā€”3600 ticks of platter resolution for seamless performanceĀ 
  • MIDI interface via USB that can be connected to the SEVENTY-TWO MKII or your computerĀ 
  • RCA output for DVS audio signalsĀ 
  • 33 1/3 and 45 rpm platter speedsĀ 
  • 8/16/50% pitch with precise dual resolution sliderĀ 
  • Top panel rotary and traditional Motor Off switch, allows traditional wind-down effects

Rane Seventy Key Features:

  • Intuitive high-performance Layout
  • Three MAG FOUR contactless faders
  • External crossfader tension-adjustment control
  • Solid steel construction and front handle guardĀ protection
  • Six dual post-fader internal FLEX FX engines
  • Serato DJ FX controls
  • Independent pad modes for each channelĀ 
  • 32 x MIDI-assignable pads
  • Browse and track select controls
  • Intuitive Instant Double buttons, toggle as sync On/Off or Silent Cue mode
  • Dedicated loop controls
  • Dual diecast aluminum 180Ā° rotatable FX paddles
  • RANE TWELVE connection hub
  • Dual microphone inputs
  • A professional-grade signal-to-noise ratio of 114 dB
  • Dual USB connections for DJ handoffs
  • 16 Akai Professional MPC performance pads


Package includes:

2 Rane Twelve MK2

1 Rane Seventy



2Ā PHM15

1Ā Rock and Soul exclusive Denim Tote

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