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ProX XS-TMC1012WBL Universal Single-Turntable and Mixer Coffin Case (Black on Black)

by ProX
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ProX XS-TMC1012WBL Overview

The black on black ProX XS-TMC1012WBL Universal Single-Turntable and Mixer Coffin Case is designed to protect a single turntable (in battle mode) together with a 10 to 12" mixer (such as the Pioneer DJM-S9) from the severities incurred during transport and shipping. This rugged case is built from 3/8" laminated plywood and high-density foam, and its ATA-300-style engineering makes it suitable for air transport.

Features include a cable access hole and removable lids for reaching the mixer's front and back controls. The adjustable foam inserts fit all around your equipment to keep it securely in place while moving. The pair of industrial-grade wheels makes it easy to roll the case up access ramps and throughout large airports.

A sleek Honey Comb pattern made of hexagon grids adorns all outer shell surfaces. The rubber foam used in this case contains 70% of recycled plastic bottles and recycled post-industrial materials.

Key Features

  • Coffin case fits any turntable in battle mode and any 10 to 12" mixer including the Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer
  • ATA-300-style gig-ready flight road case
  • Use either left or right turntable/mixer configuration
  • Removable lids provide access to mixer's front and back controls
  • Easy-locking fit and tongue
  • High-density foam interior to absorb shocks
  • Recessed spring-action handles
  • Steel ball corners
  • Dual-anchor rivets
  • Signature Series laminated 3/8" plywood
  • Silver trim on black Honey Comb laminated exterior surface protects against minor to mild scratches
  • Industrial recessed butterfly twist latches can be padlocked
  • Industrial-grade rubber feet
  • Rugged Penn Alcom rubber wheels
  • Cable access hole with removable emblem cover
  • Rubber foam contains 70% recycled materials