ProX XS-PRIME4 WGB Flight Case with 1 RU Rackspace and Wheels for Denon DJ Prime 4 (Black on Gray)

by ProX

ProX XS-PRIME4 WGB Overview

Protect your Denon DJ Prime 4 standalone DJ system and rack gear at the gig and during transit with the black on gray ProX XS-PRIME4 WGB, an ATA-300-style flight case equipped with low-profile rubber wheels and a built-in 1 RU equipment rack. The 3/8" plywood construction is topped with the Honeycomb Digital laminated surface design, aluminum tongue-and-groove trim, and steel ball corners.

The interior features high-density foam to cushion your DJ system and offers extra storage space for cables and accessories. Since the case's front panel is removable, you can leave your Prime 4 in the case during live performances and still access its front-panel jacks and switches.

Padlock-ready recessed butterfly twist-lock latches keep the case securely closed while the spring-action recessed handles make it easy to carry and roll around. When in its normal stationary position, the case is prevented from sliding by the four industrial-grade rubber feet on the bottom.

  • ATA-300-style flight case with wheels
  • Built-in rack accommodates 1 RU of rackmount equipment
  • Designed to hold one Denon DJ Prime 4 standalone DJ system
  • Additional space for cables and accessories in the back and bottom of the case
  • Removable front panel allows convenient access to the 1 RU rackspace and your Prime 4's front-panel jacks and switches
  • Manufactured with the Honeycomb Digital laminated surface design for enhanced appearance and resistance to scratches
  • Rugged and durable 3/8" plywood
  • Easy locking fit aluminum tongue and groove
  • ProX spring-action recessed handles
  • ProX heavy-duty steel ball corners
  • ProX industrial recessed butterfly twist-lock latches with padlock-ready design
  • Two low-profile rubber wheels
  • Dual anchor rivets
  • Four industrial-grade rubber feet
  • High-density foam interior support and casing

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