ProX Portable 4-Panel DJ Facade (White Frame)

by ProX

ProX XF-4X3048W MK2 Overview

Put up a smart-looking DJ booth in no time with the white Portable 4-Panel DJ Facade from ProX. Included in the package are four scratch-resistant, white-finished aluminum frames with hinge edges and two sets of scrims—one white and one black. This enables you to build your DJ Facade in either of the two colors or to create color combinations to your liking. Setup is quick and easy since the scrims and frames are lined with touch-tab fastener strips.

The DJ Facade is designed to provide a professional-looking working area for DJs at weddings, parties, and special events. It hides cables, shields equipment, and helps keep the crowd at bay. The panels are strong and lightweight and the scrims are machine washable. Since the scrims are translucent, you can shine optional LED lights through the panels for creative, backlit mobile DJ setups. Also included are a carry bag for the scrims and a carry bag for all the components.

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