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ProX DJ Coffin Flight Case for Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Mixer and Two CDJ-3000 Multiplayers (Black on Black)

by ProX
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ProX XS-CDM3000WLTBL Overview

Protect your DJ mixer and multiplayers at the gig and during transit with the black-on-black ProX DJ Coffin Flight Case with Laptop Shelf and Wheels, an ATA-300-style flight case equipped with a sliding laptop shelf and low-profile rubber wheels. Designed to hold a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 mixer and two Pioneer CDJ-3000 multiplayers, this case is ideal for live performances and special events. It is also compatible with several other mixers and players from Pioneer DJ, Rane, and Denon DJ.

The 3/8" plywood construction is topped with a Honeycomb Digital laminated surface design, tongue-and-groove trim, and steel ball corners. The interior features high-density foam to cushion your DJ system and has extra storage space for cables and accessories. Since the case's front panel is removable, you can leave your gear in the case during performances and still access your mixer's front-panel jacks and switches. Padlock-ready recessed butterfly twist-lock latches keep the case securely closed, while the spring-action recessed handles and tough rubber wheels make it easy to carry and roll around.

Compatible DJ Mixers

  • Pioneer DJM-900
  • Pioneer DJM-S11
  • Pioneer DJM-S7
  • Denon X1850 Prime
  • Rane Seventy-Two
  • Rane Seventy

Compatible CDJ Players

  • Pioneer CDJ-3000
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000
  • Denon SC6000
  • Denon SC6000M
  • Denon SC5000
  • Denon SC5000M

Essential Features

  • ATA-300-style flight case with wheels
  • Sliding laptop shelf
  • Additional space for cables and accessories in the back and bottom of the case
  • Removable front panels allow convenient access to the front-panel jacks and switches of your mixer 
  • Manufactured with the Honeycomb Digital laminated surface design for enhanced appearance and resistance to scratches
  • Rugged and durable 3/8" plywood
  • Easy locking-fit tongue and groove
  • Spring-action recessed handle per side
  • Heavy-duty steel ball corners
  • Industrial recessed butterfly twist-lock latches with padlock-ready design
  • Two low-profile rubber wheels
  • Dual anchor rivets
  • Cable access hole with removable emblem cover
  • High-density foam interior support and casing
  • Includes multiple pieces of adjustable foam to ensure the correct fit