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Focusrite Clarett + OctoPre Professional quality eight channel ADAT microphone preamp

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Focusrite Clarett + OctoPre

The Clarett+ OctoPre is the eight - channel ADAT preamp for both the aspiring and established engineer. Eight high headroom, low noise, and low distortion Clarett+ preamps — featuring All - analogue Air with relay - controlled circuitry — capture drums, vocals, and acoustic instruments with superb clarity. Two JFET instrument inputs capture the true characteristics of guitars, just like plugging into an amp. High - quality A - D/D - A converters brings audio clarity to studio tracking sessions with high dynamic range, ultra - low noise, and ultra - low distortion. Exceptional D - A conversion ensures that audio quality is preserved when sending audio to analogue compresso rs, EQs, and effects. Add Clarett+ OctoPre to a 2Pre, 4Pre or 8Pre to expand your I/O easily and consistently via ADAT, so that you can record a whole band together while maintaining analogue purity and clarity as well as bringing the classic Focusrite Studio Console sound to your recording.

Get the classic Focusrite sound with All - analogue Air Get closer to the origins of Focusrite with premium, relay - controlled analogue circuitry on every preamp that emulates the classic Focusrite ISA 110, as featured on the original Focusrite Studio Console. When Air is engaged it switches the impedance to 2.2kΩ a nd adds two cumulative high shelves, totalling a 4dB boost in the high frequencies. Capture the truest version of your sound with Clarett+ Mic Pre Achieve clear recordings in any session. With 118dB of dynamic range and 129dBu EIN, the natural sound of source signals is preserved. The fully balanced signal path ensures inbound signals are clean and with ultra - low noise — giving sessions the professional Focusrite sound.

Stay plugged in with inserts on every channel Clarett+ OctoPre’s eight dedicated ch annel inserts allow you to track through your favourite outboard and capture its true character. Easily add analogue equipment to the signal path with our flexible insert design . Clear, accurate multi - tracking with improved A - D converters Multi - track w ith confidence and handle any recording session. Offering ultra - low noise and ultra - low distortion, Clarett+ OctoPre’s A - D conversion combined with the powerful preamps give professional - sounding tracks ready for mixing. Preserve your signature style wi th improved D - A converters Clarett+ OctoPre’s exceptional D - A conversion allows engineers to easily process audio in their signature style, confident that audio quality is preserved when sending audio to analogue compressors, EQs, and effects. Connect Cla rett+ OctoPre to a Clarett+ 8Pre via ADAT and send 16 channels to a mixer. Premium - quality audio over ADAT Add Clarett+ OctoPre to a 2Pre, 4Pre or 8Pre to expand your I/O easily and consistently via ADAT. Non - Clarett+ users can upgrade to a professional standard and bring the classic Focusrite sound to their recordings by connecting to an ADAT - enabled interface, benefitting from the premium quality offered by Clarett+ OctoPre. Preserve the natural tone of your guitar Capture the true characteristic s of guitars with Clarett+ OctoPre’s JFET guitar inputs. Wide input bandwidth retains the purity of high frequencies and feels like you are plugging straight into an amp. Software bundle Get studio - grade results with Hitmaker Expansion, the included bund le of mixing plug - ins and virtual instruments. Focusrite Plug - in Collective Register to receive regular discounts and exclusive versions of the most innovative software titles.

Hitmaker Expansion  Brainworx® Bx_console Focusrite SC The preamps that made Focusrite what we are today to your music. No other plug - in offers the unique character of the iconic large format console, with ISA 110 preamps – the origin of the famous ‘Air’ we still hear on Focusrite interfaces today. Bx_console Focusrite SC is a full channel strip, offering EQ, de - esser, compressor, limiter, gate and expander.  Brainworx® bx_master desk Get your record release - ready with the high - end analogue mastering system. Bringing a smooth and simple workflow to the art of mastering, allowing anyone, from first time - producer to industry pro to get studio - quality results quickly and effortlessly.  Brainworx® bx_oberhausen The fully - analogue - modelled replica of a classic American polysynth. Bx_oberhausen is a component - by - component reproduction of an icon. With 32 voices, this digital model is capable of twice the count of today’s most valuable all - analogue synths – for lush chords and huge unison.  Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug - in Suite Featuring a pair of meticulously captured digital models of the truly iconic EQ and Compressors which have made the Focusrite name a staple in world - c lass facilities across the globe. If you’ve kept up with major releases over the last 30 years, you’ve heard Red 2 and 3.  Antares® Auto - Tune® Access For everything from natural sounding, near - real - time pitch adjustment for getting the best vocal ta kes, to lightning - fast Hip - hop - inspired pitching for adding a whole new sound to your tracks.  Relab LX480 Essentials Get four reverbs, modelled on The Hit Factory NYC’s reverb unit, and used on countless hits. LX480 Essentials gives you the sounds of a studio which has played host to names from Springsteen, the Stones and Kool and the Gang, to The Weeknd, Pharell, Katy Perry, and everyone in between.  Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555 The modern evolution of the iconic JCM800, brought to you by analogue - modelling experts Softube®. The Silver Jubilee offers everything from warm cleans, through classic crunch, and up to modern high gain tube amp sounds.  XLN Audio® Addictive Keys Add beautifully captured piano to your tracks with the choice of one of four professional - sounding models from Steinway®, Yamaha® and the classic Rhodes®. Plug in your MIDI controller and play; instantly be transported to a professional recording studio set up to capture one of these beautiful pianos – right from your studio.  XLN Audio® Addictive Drums 2: Studio Rock Add the sounds of a pro drummer to your songs easily. Featuring expertly captured samples from a high - end Tama® and Pearl® drums, and Paiste® and Sabian® cymbals, recorded at Decibel Studios in Stockholm.  Focusrite Plug - in Collective Get a new plug - in and exclusive offers from a new partner every few months.

Mic Inputs Frequency Response 20 - 20kHz: ± < 0.03dB Frequency Response 20 - 35kHz: ± < 0.15dB Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB THD+N ( - 1dBFS, +20dB gain): - 110dB Noise EIN: - 129dBu Max input level: 18dBu Gain range: +57dB Line Inputs (Variable) Frequency Response 20 - 20kHz: ± < 0 .05dB Frequency Response 20 - 35kHz: ± < 0.15dB Dynamic Range (min gain): 118dB THD+N ( - 1dBFS, min gain): - 100dB Max input level: 26dBu Gain range: +57dB Instrument Inputs Frequency Response 20 - 20kHz: ± < 0.04dB Frequency Response 20 - 35kHz: ± < 0.15dB Dynamic Range: 116dB THD+N ( - 1dBFS, min gain): - 96.5dB Max input level: 15dBu Gain range: +57dB Line & Monitor Outputs Frequency Response 20 - 20kHz: ± < 0.02dB Frequency Response 20 - 35kHz: ± < 0.02dB Dynamic Range: 124dB Max Output level: 18dBu THD+N: - 10 6dB