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Pioneer DJ Interface 2 - Audio Interface with rekordbox dj and dvs

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Pioneer DJ INTERFACE 2 Overview

The Pioneer Interface 2 is a 2-channel audio interface designed for rekordbox dj and features rekordbox dvs, which allows you to play and scratch your digital music library from the included control vinyl disks. The Interface 2 connects to your computer via USB and offers three sample rates including 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz. Simply connect your turntables to the RCA inputs and launch the included rekordbox dj and dvs software and start mixing right away. Alternatively, you can download a custom control signal WAV file, if you’d like to use CDs or USB drive to scratch with your players, controller, or all-in-one system.

The Pioneer Interface 2 also functions as an audio interface allowing you to record any phono or line level source. The seamless aluminum casing is robust enough to withstand the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear. Additionally, the casing extends out past the connectors for additional protection while on-the-go. The Pioneer Interface 2 ships with a power adapter, USB cable, four rubber feet, four RCA cables, two control vinyl disks, and a registration card for the full version of rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs.

High-Quality Sound

Supporting files up to 96 kHz, the Interface 2 offers professional-quality D/A converter designed to give club standard sound.

Compact, Robust Chassis

Take the Interface 2 out on the road with confidence. The unit is compact and portable, yet highly robust in its seamless aluminum casing with extended edges that protect the terminals.

Signal Flow Indicators

No matter the circumstances, connecting the audio interface to your hardware is easy and quick. LED indicators in the top panel show the signal flow, giving you a visual grasp of the setting status. For example, if the signal level is too high or low, you'll know instantly.

Easy Analog Recording

Easily record and capture your vinyl or any analog sound source using our normalize technology in rekordbox. There's no need for extra volume or recording monitoring as this is done automatically by a single click in the software.

DVS Options

Use the two included RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl or you can download a custom control signal WAV file for use with CDs or USB drives, offering the ability to scratch with your players, controller, or all-in-one system.

AC and USB power

Choose your preferred source of power, be it via USB or via an AC adapter. Both are included in the box, allowing you to keep your options open.

Sturdy Signal

The Interface 2 is designed to firmly hold your turntables' ground wires, thus reducing noise. The GND knob stays attached even when fully turned, so there's no chance of it falling off.

Stand-Alone Audio Interface

Record audio to your computer or send out audio to your speakers using your interface
Supported Sample Rates:


  • 44.1 kHz
  • 48 kHz
  • 96 kHz