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Pioneer DJ Toraiz SQUID - Creative Multitrack Sequencer

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Building upon the success of the Toraiz SP-16 and AS-1, the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SQUID (SeQUencer Inspirational Device) is a multi-track sequencer that can create new phrases one after another by quickly programming and dynamically arranging sequence patterns. Serving as the heartbeat of your studio and live setup, the SQUID is optimized for effortless creation of musical phrases on-the-fly.

The SQUID sequencer offers a multitude of advanced performance features. Start by creating sequence patterns with the 16 velocity-sensitive multi-colored LED pads. Use Interpolation to arrange phrases by setting the pitch, gate, and velocity for the beginning, middle, and end of the steps, and SQUID will automatically supplement the parameters for the steps in between. Looking to add inspirational chords? Check out Harmonizer, which allows you to pick the root note and create up to six chord progressions to intuitively create evolving phases.

Use the phrase arrangement segment for rearranging sequence patterns in real-time. The speed modulation can periodically increase or decrease the playback speed of a sequence to create unique grooves. Or, change the running direction of the sequence with up to 48 different playback directions. Additionally, the Groove Bend function allows you to change the trigger timing in real-time using the onboard slider. Another advanced feature, Time Warp, allows you to capture ideas in a track or a performance without the stress of practicing and recording multiple takes.

The SQUID offers control over 16 tracks with each track hosting 64 patterns. Each pattern can be up to 64 steps with eight-note polyphony per step. The rear panel offers MIDI in/out/thru, out 2, USB, two sets of CV/gate outputs, the analog clock I/O, and DIN Sync 24 I/O. The dedicated SQUID Manager app (Mac/Windows) allows you to easily import and export sequence patterns and back up projects. The Pioneer DJ Toraiz SQUID ships with an AC adapter and a power cord.

Step Edit Section

Intuitively Create Sequence Patterns
  • Create phrases by tapping the 16 multicolored LED rubber pads
  • Set step parameters and play in real-time as if the pads were keys on a keyboard. Combine various sequence functions such as Interpolation and Harmonizer to help build your sounds
  • Intuitively create evolving phases
  • Harmonizer enables you to play chords easily by hitting the Harmonizer buttons with the Pitch value set on each step parameter as the root note
  • Up to six chords can be assigned to the Harmonizer buttons
  • Record chord compositions into steps and record real-time performances with the Harmonizer buttons, so you can intuitively create evolving phases
  • Instantly make a phrase
  • Arrange Phrases: Set each parameter (Pitch value, Gate value and Velocity value) for the beginning, middle, and the end of the steps, and the SQUID automatically interpolates (supplements) parameters for the steps in between them
  • Without setting the parameters of each step individually, you can quickly set the pitch and dynamics of the sound and create a phrase while the idea is fresh in your mind
16 Multicolored LED Pads
  • Pads enable various features
  • Instantly switch between features using the SQUID's 16 multicolored LED rubber pads, which are linked to independent mode buttons
  • Trigger Mode: Step record sequence patterns
  • Transpose Mode: Transpose your patterns on the fly
  • Scale Mode: Play scales with the 16 pads as if you were playing a keyboard
  • Velocity Detection: Add nuanced expression to your performances by varying the strength of your keystrokes

Phrase Arrangement Section

Phrase Arrangement
  • Rearranging sequence patterns in real-time
  • Use Running Direction, Speed Modulation, and Groove Bend to further rearrange phrases you've created in the Step Edit section
  • Each feature has an optimized user interface, so you can intuitively try out ideas as they come to mind
Speed Modulation
  • Create unique grooves by fluctuating the playback speed of sequence patterns
  • Periodically increase and decrease the playback speed of a sequence to create unique grooves
  • Switch between six waveform shapes such as triangle and sawtooth and adjust the fluctuation rate and amount
Running Direction
  • Easily create multiple new phrases from one sequence pattern by changing its playback direction on the 16 pads
  • Zigzag or clockwise directions take advantage of the SQUID's 4 x 4 pads
  • Combine Reverse, Switch Back, and Flip with the six different Running Directions for up to 48 different playback directions and create a variety of different phrases
Groove Bend
  • Change trigger timing in real-time
  • Swing automatically delays trigger timing to create grooves
  • Groove Bend changes trigger timing in real-time via a slider, enabling groove creation as if playing a musical instrument by simply moving the slider

Time Warp

Save Happy Accidents
  • Never lose the phrases you make incidentally when you're trying things out
  • Use Time Warp to audition the previous phrase you created and save it as a new sequence pattern
  • No need to stress over the workflow of practicing and recording take after take
  • Play around until you hear something you love, then capture it for use in a track or performance

Multiple Inputs/Outputs

Sync with Various Instruments
  • USB Type-B terminal
  • MIDI connectors: MIDI in / out / thru / out 2 for DAW and hardware synthesizers
  • CV/Gate connectors: Sync and play with modular synthesizers using the two sets of CV/gate outputs and clock input/output terminals
  • DIN sync connectors: Enable syncing with vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Various signals including notes and clocks are mutually converted inside the SQUID automatically, so you can easily expand your creative scope just by adding the SQUID to your current setup

SQUID Manager

Import/Export Sequence Patterns via PC/Mac
  • Use the dedicated SQUID Manager to quickly import and export sequence patterns between the SQUID and your PC/Mac
  • Easily import a sequence pattern created on your DAW to the SQUID, intuitively arrange it using the sequencer's features, and return it to your DAW
  • Use SQUID Manager to back up the projects you create on the SQUID by saving them to your PC/Mac