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Ortolani,Riz - Cannibal Holocaust - O.S.T. (Iex) - Vinyl LP(x2) = RSD2023

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THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILM EVER. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FULL IN A SPECIAL DOUBLE VINYL EDITION!!! AMS Records is proud to present a special edition of the "Cannibal Holocaust" soundtrack, exclusively released on the occasion of Record Store Day 2023. It is, of course, one of the many 'cannibalistic' movies, but perhaps it's also the only one of it's a genre that even today generates mixed feelings and strong controversy.The excellent soundtrack, composed by Riz Ortolani, makes extensive use of string instruments, masterfully arranged and directed to match the strong contrast between the more relaxed scenes - the incipit of the film is memorable, with the main theme accompanying the spectator in a flight over the Amazon forest - and those full of rhythm and tension; in the first case, the strings go along with guitar arpeggios, while in the second they vibrate alone or together with glacial electronic beats. There are also funk-rock episodes such as in "Cameramen's Recreation", "Relaxing In The Savana" and "Drinking Coco", while "Cannibal Holocaust (Terror)" is pure noise mixed with haunting percussion. This Legacy Edition of "Cannibal Holocaust" includes the film score remastered and released in it's entirety for the first time ever on double LP; graphically speaking, it includes a gatefold cover with glossy title letters printed on a special soft touch paper, OBI and an 8-page booklet complete with reproductions of posters, lobby cards and photographs from the set, plus presentation essays written by Fabio Capuzzo (one of today's best soundtrack experts), Stefan Dimle (Landberk, Anekdoten, Paatos, Morte Macabre) and Mikael Åkerfeldt.