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Ortofon Concorde Elite cartridge w/gold nude elliptical stylus (Single)

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Ortofon’s origins can be traced back to 1918, with roots in premiere Danish audio engineering. With over a century of sound under their belt, it’s only fitting that the elevated iteration of their acclaimed Concorde series of cartridges and styli would have the bark and bite to earn its name: the Concorde Elite. Injecting luxury and finesse into a micro-mechanical powerhouse, this ultra-low-wear cartridge dons a specially molded stylus body, plated in genuine gold and encasing a Nude Elliptical diamond tip. Its sleek profile and reduced moving mass ensure greater accuracy and adjustment to the finest fissures in each record’s grooves, eliciting high-fidelity playback across the spectrum, preserving sonic quality at any volume. Every feature has been tailor-made for the Concorde Elite, with an exclusively developed Rigid 750µm aluminum-magnesium cantilever and specially designed coil system. Together, light weight and robust strength ensure consistent, full-bodied sound that is faithfully captured and transmitted from the tip through to the armature. A proprietary rubber compound was concocted to be used in the Concorde Elite’s suspension, delivering rich, clear sound and a preeminent tracking performance, all without the risk of record wear, impressing audiophiles with its extraordinary blend of hi-fi sound and dimensional durability.

Note: The Nude Elliptical stylus is intended for listening purposes, not for heavy back cueing or scratching. It can still be used for conventional DJ and sampling purposes. Please contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer if you have any questions.


  • Nude Elliptical stylus features genuine gold casing and 8/18 µm radius diamond tip for uncompromising hi-fi playback
  • Lower moving mass ensures high accuracy and nuanced response to grooves
  • Moving-magnet design is perfect for DJing, sampling, and listening
  • Specially developed aluminum-magnesium cantilever and coil system allow for lightweight, yet durable implementation of audio capture
  • Custom-made rubber suspension delivers clear sound and unmatched tracking with ultra-low record wear
  • Tracking force of 2.0–4.0 G at a 20° angle
  • Not intended for scratching or heavy back cueing