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Orbit Concepts Deloop Sport

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DELOOP SPORT isn't just any headphone bag, it's a headphone bag of the highest quality, premium in look, feel, and design. Made with durable nylon, we made sure to create a bag that you'll fall in love with, a bag worthy of your precious headphones.

*THE ALL IN ONE HEADPHONE BAG! A stylish compact case that fits virtually all premium headphones, and also carries accessories, smartphones, mobile devices, USB/SD media, and more
Universal Design that fits virtually all premium headphones (earphones up to 4\" diameter recommended)
* Innovative layout allows you to fit all styles of headphones regardless of cup swivel or folding style
* Made with only the highest quality materials including high grade ballistic nylon, plush lining, and ripstop interior
* Fashionable yet sporty design that works for all occasions