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Odyssey Innovative Designs LStand 360 Ultra Folding Laptop Stand (Black)

by Odyssey
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Odyssey Innovative Designs LSTAND360 Overview

The lightweight black LStand 360 Ultra Folding Laptop Stand from Odyssey Innovative Designs is built to give you the flexibility needed for using your laptop at an angle that best suits your work environment. The stand offers two arms which can quickly be locked in place for holding a laptop. The arms can also be separately released and rotated up to 360å¡ when you want to reposition them for the most comfortable setup. The base can also lock, release, and rotate in the same way. The stand's height may be extended from 11 to 16", while the arm hooks extend from 3/4 to 1-1/2" to provide extra stability at steeper angles. As an added safeguard, the LStand 360 ships with four rubber grip stickers which you can place on the arms and which will help grip your laptop.