Odyssey Innovative Designs KROM 7" Vinyl Utility Case for 60 Records (Black on Gray)

by Odyssey

Odyssey Innovative Designs K7060BLG Overview

DJs looking to protect their favorite 7" vinyl records while on the go will be thrilled with the Odyssey Innovative Designs Black/Gray KROM 7" Vinyl Utility Case for 60 Records, a custom case that's designed to protect your vinyl records and other equipment from the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear. The case features hexagon-shaped steel corners and rubber feet for stacking multiple record cases. This case holds a collection of up to 60 seven-inch vinyl records. It has a fully foam-lined interior, heavy-duty recessed handle, and front latches with padlock loops. The hardware including the trim is coated in a sleek black finish.

  • Gray with all-black hardware exterior
  • Fully foam-lined interior
  • Rubber feet for stacking
  • Removable lid with removable interior lid foam
  • Heavy-duty recessed and spring-loaded carrying handle
  • Recessed front latch with padlock loop
  • Interior divider for adjusting compartments
  • Fits Approximately 60 7" vinyl records

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