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Odyssey Innovative Designs FFXBM10WBL Flight FX Series Turntable DJ Coffin

by Odyssey
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Odyssey Innovative Designs FFXBM10WBL Overview

The black Flight FX Series Turntable DJ Coffin for Two Turntables in Battle Mode and 10" Width Mixer from Odyssey Innovations Designs is unique in its design since it features a color changing multi-mode LED panel running along the front of the case. When it comes to generating special effects during your gig, this case adds a touch of snap to your performance. And, as a "wow" effect, the panel can be linked to additional FX cases for creating even more pizazz. The panel is adjustable to any of seven colors or set to generate in a color changing mode.

The case is made from 3/8" plywood and is accented by chrome plated steel hardware, aluminum trim and foam lined interior. Black anodized hardware and heavy-duty ball corners provide extra protection from bumps and abrasions both during transport or performance.

The handles and latches are all recessed. For ventilation and heat dissipation purposes, there are ventilation pits for the mixer and media player. Cable management is simple using the ports on the bottom rear of the case. To offer even more security for your gear, Odyssey provides width adjustment foam strips that help keep the equipment in place.

Backed by Odyssey's limited lifetime warranty, this case delivers peace of mind through its construction, features and ease of use.

Front 7 color-changing LED panel with controller (linkable to other FX cases)
LED panel effects:(1) Set to 1 Color or Random Color Changing, (2) Slow Flashing Color Changing, (3) Fast Flashing Color Changing, (4) Auto Color Mixing Fade in Fade out, (5) Sound Activated
All black anodized and powder coated hardware
Heavy-duty ball corners
Built-in corner roller wheels for easy transport
Removable front access V-Cut panels
Rear bottom cable ports
Recessed handle and latches
Mixer and player ventilation pits
Mixer and player width adjustment foam strips included