Numark PT01 USB with VVT-MK1 Fader in Off White & Red

by Numark

Numark PT01 USB Portable Turntable with RAIDEN VVT-MK1 in Off White & Red

Numark PT01 USB Portable Turntable

Play and Record Vinyl Wherever You Are

Listening and recording vinyl to your computer is a breeze with the PT01 USB. This portable turntable is tough and durable, so you can take it with you anywhere. The PT01 USB comes with a built in loudspeaker and pitch control (Ìâå±10%) to play your favorite 33ÌâåÊ1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records. The hard dustcover protects the PT01 USB and has a carrying handle for convenience.

Record Your Vinyl to PC

Take your precious vinyl collection and convert your music over to .wav or mp3 with the free downloadable EZ Vinyl Converter software. Works perfectly on either Mac or PC. With EZ Vinyl Converter software, your music is separated into individual tracks directly to your iTunes library. Preserve your vinyl collection forever!

Sound Outputs

In addition to the built-in speaker, you can send your music to powered speakers via the RCA line-level outputs, and you can also enjoy private listening with your headphones via the 1/8̢‰âÂå� headphone jack.


  • Class-compliant USB connection, includes USB cable
  • Ìâå±10% pitch control
  • Protective dustcover and integrated carrying handle
  • Includes AC adapter or battery-powered by six ""D"" cells (not included)
  • Built-in speaker
  • Belt-drive motor with 33ÌâåÊ1/3, 45 and 78 RPM settings
  • Converts all 45s, 78s and 12-inch LP records into digital files
  • RCA line and headphone outputs
  • 45 RPM adapter included
  • Cartridge included


Minimum System Requirements (PC):

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

USB 1.1 port

Minimum System Requirements (MAC):

Mac OS X 10.4.x*

USB 1.1 port

RAIDEN VVT-MK1 Portable Skratch Fader in Off White & Red


  • Scratch fader compatible with any audio device using 3.5 mm cables. Designed for portable turntables and mobile phone/tablets applications. Unamplified sources, such as phono turntables are compatible with the use of a phono to line convertor.ÌâåÊ
  • Sharp "C" curve (on/off) slope.ÌâåÊ
  • Auxiliary in feature allows for constant audio from a different device/source to be played simultaneously through the fader, not affected by fader. Perfect for background audio/loopers.
  • Assembled in USA


  • VVT-MK1 Portable Fader (1)
  • 3.5 mm male to male flat audio cable (1)
  • Adhesive backed hook and loop fastener strip (1)
  • Corded carrying pouch (1)

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