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Novation Launchpad X Grid Controller for Ableton Live

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Original price $199.99
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Novation Launchpad X Overview

The Novation Launchpad X is a control surface for use with Ableton Live. It provides 64 RGB pads. These are velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads that allow you to trigger clips and samples and let you see your Ableton session represented in front of you on the MIDI controller. The device also provides 16 buttons and 81 RGB LEDs.

With the Novation Launchpad X, you can launch clips and scenes, capture MIDI, and utilize performance controls such as solo, mute, record arm, volume, pan, stop, and sends. All of this lets you control your Ableton session without a mouse.

You'll find dynamic Note and Scale modes, which let you play melodies, bass lines, chords, and leads, all in time and in tune. The Launchpad X knows when you're programming drum parts, automatically showing your drum rack on its grid. If you want to customize mappings and MIDI control with Launchpad X, this is easily possible, thanks to four custom modes.

The device outputs MIDI to your computer over USB. It includes a variety of software, such as Ableton Live Lite, the AAS Session Bundle, the Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Klevgrand's R0Verb and DAW Cassette, and more.

64 RGB Pads

Large RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads give you a reflection of your Ableton Live session, making it easier than ever to see your clips and play your instruments expressively.

Ableton Live Integration

Quickly launch clips and scenes, never lose ideas with Capture MIDI, and access performance controls like stop, solo, mute, record arm, volume, pan, and sends, to dynamically control your music, with no mouse needed.

Dynamic Note and Scale Modes

Play basslines, melodies, chords, and leads. Launchpad X even knows when you're drumming and shows your drum rack on the grid.

4 Custom Modes

Use components to customize mappings and control MIDI easily from Launchpad X.

Included Software

  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Two months Splice Sounds membership
  • AAS Session Bundle
  • XLN Addictive Keys
  • Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette
  • Softube Time and Tone bundle
  • Novation Sound Collective Membership
  • Firmware version 2.0 for Launchpad X introduces the exciting Custom Mode keystroke widget. Assign essential DAW shortcuts using Novation Components for a faster, more intuitive workflow. Also, an additional four Custom Mode slots have been added giving you a total of eight slots for customization freedom.