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LD Systems Stinger 12" 2-Way Bass-Reflex PA Speaker (US Version)

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  • Active 12" 2-way bass-reflex PA speaker.
  • 131 dB max. SPL and 500-watt RMS performance with a highly-efficient digital amplifier.
  • The perfect all-rounder for full-range, satellite, and monitor applications.
  • Practical presets for fast and user-specific frequency tuning.
  • Homogeneous dispersion pattern thanks to a BEM-optimized tweeter waveguide.
  • 12" custom woofer and BMS tweeter driver.
  • Distortion-free sound at even maximum volumes, thanks to DynX DSP technology.

This highly professional 2-way active system is designed for absolute, long-term reliability. With its multi-functional bass reflex housing and finely tuned, user-friendly presets, the speakers are suitable as full-range, box, satellite, and floor monitors. The Stinger 12 A G3 is powered by a highly efficient Class-D amplifier with an impressive 500-watt continuous output. The specially developed 12" woofer and a BMS tweeter driver achieve a deep bass response and fresh, natural trebles. The waveguide of the tweeter has been developed using the Boundary Element Method (BEM), a numerical simulation of the sound radiation and dispersion.

It reduces reflection from floors and ceilings and prevents sidelobe levels, thus achieving controlled and homogeneous dispersion. LD Systems’ proprietary DynX DSP technology means that the Stinger 12 A G3 delivers perfect performance with maximum clarity and power under all conditions. The signal processing of the crossover function and the multi-band limiter achieve an optimal runtime and high freedom from distortion. Designed as an all-around workhorse, the housing of the speaker is made of robust birch plywood. An extremely resilient coating of polyurea offers exceptional robustness and durability. The features include a steel front grille, a dual-tilt stand attachment, flight points, and ergonomic handles. The Stinger 12 A G3 is a good value and attractive solution for professional sound systems, with extensive accessories that support usage on the stage and in fixed installations.