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KRK 8s 8" Powered Subwoofer

by KRK
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KRK 8s Overview

The 8s 8" 109W Powered Subwoofer from KRK Systems is a custom-voiced, glass-aramid woofer that delivers tight, defined bass. It is designed to add powerful and punchy low-range frequencies to your nearfield monitor setup and can be used for mixing in a 2.1 or a 5.1 surround environment, or just upgrading the low-frequency extension of your existing monitors.

The four-position selectable crossover lets you adjust the subwoofer settings easily to your existing monitors. This compact subwoofer is a sound complement to KRK's Rokit and VXT monitors or any other 4 to 8" studio monitor. The front-firing bass port and KRK's trademark yellow glass-aramid composite woofer ensure accurate and powerful low-end punch. With its bypass feature and sweepable low-pass filter, the subwoofer will make any monitor system sound great.

Curved design and custom color matches KRK ROKIT and VXT monitors
Bass extension to 30 Hz with a max SPL of 112 dB
Curved design with front-firing bass port for placement flexibility
Bypass footswitch allows for checking mixes with and without subwoofer (footswitch not included)
Powerful, lightweight Class-D amplification
Universal connectivity: XLR, 1/4" TRS, and RCA inputs and outputs
Powerful bass reinforcement with KRK's trademark yellow-cone glass-aramid woofer
Polarity and input sensitivity controls
All-steel grille and 15mm reinforced MDF enclosure provide maximum strength and protection
Ground-lift switch prevents ground loops816654005281