KRK 10S2 V2 10" 160 Watt Powered Studio Subwoofer

by KRK

KRK 10S V2

10" 160 Watt Powered Studio Subwoofer

The 10s powered studio subwoofer builds upon KRK’s legacy for sonic accuracy and performance. The custom-voiced, glass-aramid woofer delivers tight, defined bass, while the Class-D power amplifier dramatically increases transient response, control and punch. The four-position selectable crossover makes it easy to adjust the subwoofer setting to your existing monitors.


Passion. Power. Control.

KRK monitors have become the professional’s choice for mixing and mastering for over 25 years. Now you can enhance their natural power with new S-series 8”, 10”, and 12” subwoofers that extend KRKʼs legendary accuracy to the limits of human hearing. Re-designed Class D amps elevate the power while slashing weight and heat, and meticulously re-voiced speakers deliver tight, defined bass with selectable, optimized crossover frequencies to provide the perfect complement to existing monitors. Joining the 12sHO powered subwoofer for larger studios, KRKʼs compact, powerful S-series subwoofers don’t just deliver precision bass: they deliver the next dimension in mixing.


Clean, Tight Bass Reproduction

Everyone loves clean, tight bass reproduction. This is achieved with the proper tuning of the woofer, cabinet and port; otherwise, you’ll experience muddy bass. Grab a kick drum demo and hear how the KRK subwoofer’s bass is tight and well-defined.

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