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Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails (Limited Edition, 140 Gram Vinyl, Black) (2 Lp's)

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Jimmy Eat World: Tom Linton, Jim Adkins (vocals, guitar); Zach Lind (accordion, concertina, drums); Rick Burch (bass).
Additional personnel: Erich Richter (vocals); Wes Kidd (acoustic guitar); Sarah Pont (violin); Mark Trombino (Moog synthesizer).
Producers: Wes Kidd, Mark Trombino, Jimmy Eat World.
Recorded at Sound City, Los Angeles, California and Big Fish, Encinitas, California.
On its 1996 major-label debut, STATIC PREVAILS, Jimmy Eat World presents a fierce set of songs that lean heavily on the Arizona-based band's proto-emo roots. While the album hints at the group's later knack for blending guitar fury with pop melody (see the catchy "Call It in the Air"), it mainly stands out as a formative outing primarily suited for Jimmy Eat World diehards.

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 01/08/2016
  • Genre: Pop