Jesse Dean PT01 SCRATCH JDDX2RS-A Contactless Fader - Red

by Jesse Dean

The JDDX2RS-A PT01SCRATCH Scratch Fader is a creation of Jesse Dean Designs. This Fader is a direct replacement for the factory switch. Its dual rail slide contact-less element gives it durability for an aggressive environment. This long-lasting fader has no audio bleed thanks to its magnetic sensors and circuitry. There is virtually no cleaning needed with this contact-less element. Here are the main features of the JDDX2RS-A Pt01Scratch Fader


  • Magnetic Sensor Contact-less Circuitry
  • Two Side Cut-in Adjustment
  • Dual Rail Slider for Stability and Smooth Action
  • Full Size Fader Knob (COOLOR CAPS), Feels Like a Full Size
  • Mixer when Scratching. Easy Installation with No Soldering Required!

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