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JBL CLUB ONE Noise-Canceling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

by JBL
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Experience hi-end audio reproduction with the CLUB ONE Noise-Canceling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from JBL. The CLUB ONE headphones have been engineered to immerse you in your favorite audio, letting you hear details you may have previously missed. They utilize 40mm custom orange graphene drivers for clarity and are Hi-Res certified. You can also utilize the My JBL Headphones app to personalize your EQ settings. Dial in the sound you want while listening like a pro.

Offering more than a robust music listening experience, the CLUB ONE headphones offer a host of other practical features you can use throughout your day. True Adaptive Noise Canceling technology adjusts to block out ambient noise in real time, while dual microphones give you crystal clear conversation when paired with your smartphone. You can also speak voice commands to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa digital assistants. With up to 45 hours of battery life, a leather headband, and cushioned earcups; you can comfortably listen and talk all day long.

True Adaptive Noise Cancellation with SilentNow

Active noise-canceling technology works in real time to filter out distracting external sounds. It is also designed to adapter to you by compensating for sound leakage that can be caused by your hair, eyeglasses, or head movements. If you just need peace and quiet without listening to music, you can use the SilentNow feature to engage the noise-canceling technology without activating Bluetooth.

Ambient Aware & TalkThru

While isolating yourself with noise-canceling technology can provide you with an optimum experience, sometimes you need to hear what's going on around you. Ambient Aware doesn't pause your music, but lets you quickly interact with others without removing your headphones. TalkThru drops your audio volume significantly and amplifies external audio, letting you focus on conversations or announcements. Active noise-canceling, Ambient Aware, and TalkThru are all easily activated via the built-in Smart Ambient button on the CLUB ONE earcup.

Go Wired with Dual AUX

While designed to primarily be used wirelessly with Bluetooth-compatible devices, the CLUB ONE headphones also feature dual AUX inputs, one on each earcup, for wired connections. Simply plug in one of the included cables and you can use these headphones with non-wireless devices or if the battery happens to run out. You get a coiled AUX cable, and a cable with an inline remote and microphone for hands-free calls.


JBL worked with professional DJs to capture the unique sound of their personal recording studios. They incorporated those sound profiles into the My JBL Headphones app so you can listen to music the way they do. To enjoy this sound booth experience, simply tap the STAGE+ button in the app. Once engaged, the CLUB ONE headphones will automatically calibrate the DJ's EQ.

Travel-Friendly Design

A ball foldable design, hard carrying case, and flight adapter makes it easier to take the CLUB ONE headphones with you wherever you go.