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Hosa Technology Dual-MIDI to Dual-MIDI Cable (6.6', Black)

by Hosa
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Hosa Technology MID-202 Overview

This black, 6.6' Hosa Dual-MIDI to Dual-MIDI Cable lets you send and receive MIDI information through one tidy cable assembly with two male 5-pin DIN connectors at each end. Built with a dense spiral copper shield to block interference, nickel-plated connector pins for precise data transfer, and an injection-molded jacket with rugged strain relief, the cable is a cost-effective and durable option for connecting your MIDI-compliant devices.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

The MIDI protocol allows communication between a computer and a digital synthesizer (keyboard, drum machine, etc.) by transmitting how the notes are to be produced. For example, commands like note-on, note-off, pitch shift, and tempo create much smaller files and more realistic music, relying on the synthesizer to create all audible sounds.

Dual-MIDI Connectors

This tandem MIDI cable allows sending and receiving MIDI information through one cable assembly. Orange and gray color-coded connectors differentiate between cables, making hookups easier.

Discreet 5-Pin Connectors

Each of the five pins on the connectors of these MIDI cables is wired to support all MIDI functions, including uploading and downloading data and relaying SysEx information.

Cost-Conscious Design

The injection-molded connector bodies with built-in strain relief are rugged and affordable, and the stranded-copper conductors are surrounded by a dense copper shield to ensure interference-resistant data transfer.

Varying Lengths

These cables are available in a variety of lengths to suit virtually any application.