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Hercules P32 DJ Controller with High Performance Pads

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Hercules P32 Overview

The P32 DJ Controller from Hercules is a compact and intuitive DJ software controller designed for the producer/DJ of electronic music and who wish to mix and remix tracks on the fly, add samples, loops, and create high energy performances. The controller easily connects to a Windows or Mac computer in seconds and features a dual-deck layout each with 16 dynamic performance pads, three dedicated FX engine controls, and dedicated filter/loop controls. In between the decks lays a 2-channel mixer with level fader, 3 band EQ, and a single crossfader. The dynamic performance pads offer power controls over hot cues, loops, the slicer, and the sampler. The internal soundcard features RCA main outputs for connecting the P32 to a PA system, and a separate 1/4" headphone output for monitoring and track cueing.

Also included in this package is Hercules' DJuced 40° DJ software for Mac and Windows. DJuced software delivers intuitive yet powerful DJ mixing features for both novice and experienced DJs alike. Mix tracks automatically, manipulate tracks with filters and effects, and record mixes into software to share and upload. The bus-powered P32 ships with a USB cable.

General Features

  • 3 Band EQ (per deck): Hi, Mid, Low
  • Record: Stop and start recording
  • Dedicated headphone cue with volume control
  • Volume fader per deck
  • Cross fader
  • Browser function with push encoder and dedicated load buttons for each deck
  • Loop/Tempo: Push encoder for engaging loop and changing loop length. Add shift to adjust master tempo
  • Filter/Move: Push encoder to engage filter, while turning the knob adjusts filter parameter. Add shift while turning encoder adjusts loop size (BeatJump)
  • Three dedicated FX knobs for each FX engine per deck. Macro knob controls dry/wet or press shift to engage macro function
  • Transport (per deck): Play/Pause, Cue, and Sync buttons

Performance Pad Modes

  • HotCues
    • Add or Delete up to 16 HotCues on the fly
  • Loop
    • There are two loop behaviors with Slip Mode:
      • Slip Mode Off: Build a loop, let it repeat. When you stop the Loop, the track continues playing after the Loop
      • Slip Mode On: Build one or more loops. When you stop the Loop, the track immediately jumps back to the original position in the timeline where the track would have been if it had continued playing. This is a great way to play Loops without losing the phrasing of your track
  • Slicer
    • Slicer mode splits an active loop into 8 Slices
    • The size of the Slicer area is determined by the deck’s selected loop size
    • Slices are triggered in real time: you jump between the 8 different sections of an active loop
    • Once a Slice is triggered, looping will start within the selected Slice for as long as the pad is pressed
    • Playback continues within the loop when no Pad is pressed
  • Sampler
    • This sampler lets you play using 4 Samplers per deck
    • Each sampler has 4 layers, so you can load up to 16 samples per deck
    • Each sample player can be individually set to Loop or Trigger mode (quantized or unquantized), and volume controlled

DJuced DJ Software

  • Function-rich software for both beginners and advanced DJs
  • The controller and the software fit perfectly together
  • Instantly view the beats, track lengths, and which songs fit well for the next track to be played
  • Sync tracks automatically for smooth transitions
  • Customize your songs with loops, effects, and samples
  • Create your own sound with filters or the step sequencer
  • Save your mix in audio files you can share with your friends